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Private label

Our private label options are ideal for coffee roasters and caterers who wish to use their own name. In addition to the logo biscuit, we can also create personalized private label boxes, or private label foil that can be used to individually wrap biscuits.

For more information about the private label opportunities please complete the online form on this page.

Biscuits Royale bakes your own unique biscuits in your chosen shape with your logo embossed on the biscuits. Naturally, the biscuits are baked according to the traditional recipe, using only the finest natural ingredients.

If you choose a custom logo biscuit, the biscuit mould must first be made. This mould requires an initial investment of € 1260, excl. VAT.

Biscuits can be packed without wrapping in a standard white box or individually wrapped in a transparent film and put in a white dispenser box. We can also create private label packaging if desired.

Logo Biscuits

Our standard biscuit packaging includes individually wrapped biscuits packaged in cardboard dispenser boxes. Loose stacked biscuits are packaged in cardboard boxes with a reclosable lid.

If you purchase a quantity of 1 or more pallets per month, you can also choose your own style of boxes. This way, you can determine the content per box and sell the biscuits under your own label. If desired, we can support you in the development process.

When the choice for a private label box has been made, the client is responsible for delivering the packaging to our bakery. We will take the packaging on stock and pack the biscuits in your own boxes without additional costs.

Illy box

Individually wrapped biscuits are packaged in a transparent and unprinted foil.

If you purchase a quantity of 1 or more pallets per month, you can also choose your own film. For example, you can choose transparent, logo-printed, or fully printed.

We can guide you trough the process of designing the right foil package with our supplier. Additionally, we will take the film on stock and package the biscuits without extra costs.

Illy box

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