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About Koekjes Royale

A passion for patisserie since 1929

The tale of Biscuits Royale starts with Patisserie Royale. The pastry shop, originating from Brussels, moved to a small city south of The Netherlands in 1929. Located in the center of Maastricht it became known for its complete assortment of sweet delights that were made with passion and craftsmanship. In 1957 Patisserie Royale was taken over by a new family named Struijcken because there was no successor. They continued making beautiful and delicious creations of pastry and now is the oldest existing pastry shop of the area, still baking daily fresh goods.

Introduction of coffee biscuits

Around 1980 the family’s son started to work as a baker within Patisserie Royale. In the production free hours he started to make butter biscuits with his own special recipe. Not only for the shop, but also for local cafés and restaurants to serve with their coffees. The quality together with the option to provide the biscuits with a personal print made them unique and popular. This appeared to be a success as more and more companies began to ask him to supply them with these exquisite biscuits.

Foundation of Biscuits Royale

With the demand growing and the production space becoming too small, the bakers son decided to move to a new location where they could produce more constant and efficient in 2008. The higher capacity coupled with the starting participation of the 3rd generation, led the business to even bigger success. It is recognized as the nation’s standard in logo biscuits and Biscuits Royale was formed as the brand name for this market.


Biscuits Royale is now a well-structured family company with a focus on flexibility, service and quality. We found a good balance in keeping our artisan roots while keeping an eye on efficiency. This is how we maintain long lasting relationships with our customers. With our position being secured in our own market, we have the resources and ambition to explore new emerging opportunities. The team therefore has great confidence that Biscuits Royale will keep its upward trend, now and in the future.

Standard models

This is where they are baked

Graanmolen 18

6229 PA Maastricht

The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)43-7850498