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Corporate Social Responsibility

Biscuits Royale bakes the best biscuits the best way. This means that we also hold Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as important parts of our business.

We take responsibility for the impact of our operations on the people, environment, and our business. We make conscious choices in our business to achieve a balance between these three key elements. We therefore find it important to properly consult with all of our stakeholders and partners about our plans and the initiative in the context of CSR.

Sustainability Targets

Our goals have a large external focus, for example:

  • Protect and promote a healthy and safe environment
  • Being a leader in product safety
  • Strengthen the local communities in which we operate
  • Ensure a more sustainable industry
  • Efficiency of energy use
  • Combating climate change

People are important, and therefore shape our policy on responsible relationships with employees, suppliers, manufacturers, buyers and consumers.

  • Proven long–term employment
  • Affiliation with the CAP for the Confectionery Industry
  • Local production with local employees, who are paid in accordance with the CLA for the Confectionery Industry
  • Affiliation with the PS in foodservice, with all the information on the product (nutritional values and allergens) secured in a central, digital location and made publically available.
  • Attention to safe and hygenic work, as guaranteed in the work instructions and certified according to the hygienic code for bread and confectionery
  • When selecting suppliers of raw materials, an important criteria is that the producer recieves a fair price for their product
  • Every year, several internships are completed by students of vocational and higher professional education.

Biscuits Royale deals responsibly with the environment and strives to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment.

  • Production lines are designed so the likelihood of product rejection is minimal. Biscuits that do not meet the quality requirements (for example due to breaking) are crushed and re-used in order to reduce food waste
  • A conscious energy is embedded in the business. We use the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and use 100% green electricity of which 70% is produced locally (through biogas and wind energy from the wind farm De Locht in Kerkrade). Our gas ovens utilize renewable biogas
  • We use many locally produced raw materials which are supplied by local suppliers
  • We limit the number of deliveries to Biscuits Royale by buying in large quanitites
  • The private delivery service to customers is planned as efficiently as possible to reduce the number of kilometers driven
  • We discourage customers who are supplied via a parcel service to purchase small quantities. Customers who purchase a certain large volume will be rewarded with additional discount
  • Waste is collected separately, when possible, and submitted to recycling companes
  • No genetically modified raw materials are used (non-GMO)
  • To individually wrap biscuits, we use a transparent film without environmentally harmful printing and coating. To encourage customers to purchase unpackaged biscuits, we offer them at a lower unit price
  • We buy our cartons from suppliers certified by the Chain of Custody (FSC, PEFC, and SFI) including the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to globally responsible forest management
  • Biscuits Royale is an independent family buisness with a long history (since 1929)
  • The strategy is focused on continuity and achieving healthy returns
  • R&D activities are focused on Clean-label products, with minimal disruption and no use of additives
  • Biscuits Royale prefers traditional methods to automation and industrialization
  • Biscuits Royale generously sponsors various charities and local initiatives, having a positive social impact

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