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Logo biscuits

Our delicious biscuits are also fully customizable. We can print or shape them to our customers liking. It is a unique detail to go with any cup of coffee or tea and, next to that, is perfect for marketing activities.

With printing, we mean using different layers to pop-up the logo or text.

Biscuit Roller

The technique we use for producing logo biscuits comes with the help of a special roller.

Because this roller has to be made, we ask for a one time investment.


Without extra costs we pack the customized biscuits in bulk or individually wrapped with transparant foil.
After, they are put into firm cardboard boxes.

It is also possible to pack them in private label foil and/or boxes. Click here for more information about these possibilities.

Private label

Your logo biscuits in your own packaging? That's also possible!

Private label  

Standard assortment

Your own logo biscuits one bridge too far? Choose one of our nice models in our standard assortment.

Standard assortment  

Standard models

This is where they are baked

Graanmolen 18

6229 PA Maastricht

The Netherlands

Phone: +31(0)43-7850498